Living free from acne and chlorine

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    Good news first: the antibacterial effect of chlorine in your water may, to some extent, help reduce acne. The bad news is that chlorine has negative side effects for most consumers of municipally supplied water.

    Tap water around the world may be labeled as safe from transmitting contaminants that carry fatal diseases only if it undergoes intense chlorine treatment.

    Even if you don’t drink chlorinated tap water and only use it for hygienic purposes, be prepared to see how quickly your hair begins to have a dry or brittle texture and a lifeless appearance.

    Speaking of lifeless appearance, you will notice faded colors in your “chlorine hair” and clothing as this is another side effect of chlorinated water.

    Shower filter

    However, rest assured that not just your hair gets to “enjoy” the effects of chlorine. Your skin doesn’t want to be left out of this chlorine party!

    The chlorine obliges by making your skin feel irritated or flaky as well as helping to trigger allergies and exacerbate any acne that is present. “But previously you said that chlorine helps to reduce acne!”, – yes, this was listed as “good news.”

    Be aware, the benefits of chlorinated water in regards to acne are only applicable when the exposure is temporary.

    Bathing with clean water after swimming in a chlorinated pool is something that most people do. However, when you swim in a chlorinated pool and then bathe in chlorinated tap water you may be overexposing your skin to chlorine and negating any benefit of a temporary exposure to chlorine in regards to acne prevention benefits.

    This is why, in the long-run, investment in a water filtration system that removes chlorine is necessary to provide healthier skin, hair and overall wellbeing.

    In case of continuous contact with chlorine remember to moisturize skin every single time you take a shower, bath or come in contact with water. 

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