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PureFlowz is your one-stop solution for premium household water purifiers manufacturer. Based in Foshan City, China, we specialize in end-to-end manufacturing, from R&D to production. Our commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness sets us apart, making us the go-to choice for discerning business owners worldwide. Elevate your brand with our reliable, high-performance water filtration solutions.Contact us today to request a free quote or more information.

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Various Styles For Option

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"Unleash your creativity and let us turn your product design dreams into a reality. Share your ideas with us today!"

All You Need To Know About Shower Filter

Beauty Shower Head Filter


  • Efficiently filter out harmful substances such as residual chlorine, color, andodor, and enjoy high-quality skin care experience;
  • Efficiently remove fine particles such as sediment, rust, algae, and suspendsolids in water to ensure clean and hygienic water quality;
  • Shell: Eco-friendly ABS + transparent PP,VC for option;
  • Filter element: carbon fiber + PP cotton composite filter element;
  • SPA massage, hair and skin care
  • Water-saving, fashion apperance, easy to install
  • Three speed water outlet design, meet different demands
  • Provise different color customization
  • Soft glue massage head design, clean every inch of skin

Beauty Shower Pre-filter


  • Efficiently filter out harmful substances such as residual chlorine, color, and odor, and enjoy high-quality skin care experience;
  • Efficiently remove fine particles such as sediment, rust, algae, and suspendsolids in water to ensure clean and hygienic water quality;
  • Large flux, 8L/Min flow rate, enjoy the bathing experience freely;
  • Four-point universal interface, easy and fast installation;
  • The discarded filter element is clamped, the replacement of the filter element is convenient and simple, and the filter element has no risk of secondary pollution;
  • Material Shell: food grade ABS + transparent PP;
  • Filter element: carbon fiber + PP cotton composite filter element;

Shower Filter Types By Design

Experience the purity of water like never before with our Handheld and Pre-Filter Showerheads. Designed to meet diverse market needs, both variants offer unparalleled filtration efficiency. Elevate your daily shower ritual while enjoying the same high-performance filtration. A simple change for a healthier you.

Shower Filter Parts

Transform your shower experience with our revolutionary Shower Filter. Unlike traditional units, it removes harmful impurities and chlorine, offering you a healthier, skin-rejuvenating bath. Elevate your wellness and invest in a product that promises purity and innovation. A game-changer in water filtration—your brand’s next best-seller!

Body Material

Crafted from premium, eco-friendly ABS material, our beauty shower filter meet stringent ROHS standards. Zero recycled materials—purely designed for safety and durability. Elevate your brand with a product that defines responsible purification.

Filter Material

The main point different to the tranditional shower head. “Unlock the future of bathing with our cutting-edge multifunctional shower filter. Engineered with variable filtration materials for tailored results, we’re not just OEM/ODM manufacturers—we’re your R&D partners. Elevate your brand by customizing filtration solutions that meet specific market needs. Choose innovation, choose problem-solving, choose us.

Driving Lever

Discover the genius behind our Filtered Floral Showerheads—The Lever. More than a simple switch, its complex internal structure allows seamless toggling between various water modes. It’s the unsung hero of your shower experience, meticulously engineered for flawless functionality.

Waterproof Gasket

Don’t underestimate our Waterproof Gasket—this small but crucial component ensures a leak-free installation, safeguarding your peace of mind and elevating your shower experience。

Shower Filter Types By Filter Material

VC beauty aromatherapy shower filter: a revolutionary skin care concept and technology, VC shower so that more women love beauty to get a simple and effective skin care, “it” in foreign countries has become the first choice of many home users of maternal and child care products, “it” will make you and your family get comprehensive, nutritious, environmentally friendly best care! The existence of “it” will enable you and your family to obtain comprehensive, nutritious, environmentally friendly best care! VC Beauty Energy Shower Series uses the most sophisticated quality of edible grade Vitamin C, completely removes chlorine from tap water, provides harmless shower water for the skin, provides comprehensive skin shower care, converts alkaline water into weakly acidic water, reduces skin irritation, removes reactive oxygen species, slows down the aging of the skin, whitens the skin and protects the delicate skin of babies and young children!

  • PP cotton Filter

Filters particles and impurities from water.

  • KDF55

It is a high-purity copper alloy that perfectly removes heavy metals and acid root ions from water, improves water activation, is more conducive to the absorption of water by the human body, protects human health and promotes human metabolism.

  • Calcium sulphite

It can instantly and effectively remove residual chlorine from water, purify and mineralise water, and regulate the PH value of water.

  • Carbon fibre cartridge

Carbon fibre cartridge is composed of cellulose and activated carbon powder composite depth filtration, combined with activated carbon adsorption of the double function of the cartridge material structure, the outer layer of the cartridge in the column is a precise fibre filter material coated with inner liner, supplemented by activated carbon fibre cloth around the formation. It can effectively remove tiny particles, odour, residual chlorine, colour, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and organic chemicals from the fluid. Because of its excellent filtration, it is naturally expensive.

  • Chlorine removal ball(CaSO3)

Effiectively filter out carcinogenic substance in water chloroform,bleaching powder, residual chlorine,rust, etc. To ensure water safety.

What filter materials are used in shower filter?

Advantage of Shower Filter

Easy Installation

Quick, tool-free setup that reduces installation costs and time for your clients.

New SPA Experience

Eliminate 99% of impurities, offering your clients a product that guarantees clean, safe showers.

Long-Lasting Filters

Extended filter lifespan minimizes maintenance, adding value offerings.

Skin & Hair Benefits

Enhanced water quality improves skin and hair health, a unique selling point.

Modular Design

Easy integration into existing purification systems, offering a seamless upgrade path.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to fit a wide range of shower systems, simplifying inventory management.

How Does Shower filter Work?

Discover the science behind PureFlowz Shower Filter, designed to make every drop count. Our advanced filtration system targets harmful elements like residual chlorine, impurities, and sediment. As water flows through the filter, activated materials work in tandem to purify it, resulting in cleaner, softer water. The benefits extend beyond cleanliness—experience reduced skin dryness, fewer allergies, minimized hair loss, and enhanced skincare product absorption. Elevate your shower ritual with technology that prioritizes your well-being.”

Installation Compatibility

Ensure the shower filters are compatible with existing plumbing and fixtures in your target market.

Filtration Efficiency

Focus on the types of contaminants the filters can remove and their real-world effectiveness.

Material Safety

Verify that the materials used in the filters are safe, eco-friendly, and compliant with international standards.


Essential Considerations for Sourcing Shower Filters

Customization Options

Look for flexibility in customizing the filters to meet specific market demands or branding requirements.

Product Durability

Consider the lifespan of the filters under regular use and the recommended maintenance schedule.

Packaging and Branding

Consider if the supplier offers customizable packaging and branding options to align with your marketing strategy.

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